Thursday, December 1, 2011


We are very happy to announce year-2 of our foray into raising native brook trout!  Four groups of students (Lansing 10th graders, Dryden 5th graders, Ithaca 4th graders at Northeast and Enfield schools) received brook trout eggs in late November, and we will check in on them periodically.  Finger Lakes Regional Parks personnel have also initiated a stream survey to select appropriate stream sites for future releases.  We would like to thank faculty and students at Cornell University, and Finger Lakes Regional Parks staff, for their invaluable input!
Josh Teeter (Fingerlakes Regional Parks- FLRP), TJ Ross & Cassie Garcia (Cornell Dept. of Nat. Res.) head upstream.  TJ is wearing an electro-shock kit that will temporarily stun fish.  Photo by Tom Hughes (FLRP).

One beautiful brown trout!

Naturally reproducing rainbow trout are also present in this stretch of Enfield Creek.