Monday, January 13, 2014

Trout Revival at AJ Smith!

Kudos to students in Mr. Owen's classes at AJ Smith Elementary (Union Springs, NY), who are showing some pretty impressive fisheries skills.  A mix-up in the supply lines sent the wrong size fish food to AJ Smith, and by the end of winter break, the brown trout being raised there looked to be at death's doorstep.  All but a few were lying on their sides at the bottom of the aquarium. HOWEVER- no quit in this class!  Mr. Owen and his students devised an intensive-care unit right in the tank.  The ailing trout were placed back in their hatch basket and carefully fed with the right size food.  After just a week, most are up and swimming and looking good.  Way to go guys!  Keep us posted on progress.

Reviving trout fry - up and swimming!