Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Classes are beginning to prepare for spring trout releases, and we'll be visiting to help out. Today, Mariah visited Newfield Middle School 7th graders in Lauren Hamilton's science class, and helped students learn how to evaluate the health of a stream using insects.  We'll be visiting all 17 schools, and over 30 classrooms this month!

Our session starts with some review- insect life cycles, stream foodwebs, and
what trout need to survive.

Then, its time to pick through some live stream samples, collected by Bill and Mariah before class...

Students use dichotomous keys to identify as many insects and other invertebrates as they can in their sample

This Izaak Walton League Stream Assessment Rubric creates a score for our stream, based on the insects we find.  (Scores for Lick Brook ranged from 17-23.)
Finally, we verify that these insects and our trout are part of the same food chain.  Always ask for verification!