Monday, February 4, 2013

Big Hit at BJM Science Fair!

4th graders at Beverly J. Martin Elementary (Ithaca NY) did an outstanding job this past Friday at BJM's annual Science Fair! 

This year's theme was "Recognizing Relationships" and students used trout fry from their classroom to help other students students explore ways in which zooplankton, trout and people are related.  Here and below, students are preparing wet slides of the zooplankton Daphnia magnus for viewing under the microscopes.

Daphnia are great food for small fish, including trout- which makes them part of a food chain that includes humans.  Daphnia and trout, alike, also depend on clean, healthy water supplies- just like we do!

Below, a student prepared to watch the food chain relationship unfold, as she feeds daphnia to our hungry trout!