Wednesday, January 20, 2016

First Live Food Experiment!

Classes are now experimenting to see if their young trout- 2 or 3 centimeters in length now- will eat live food, like they would need to do in the wild. 

Our class visits start with an introduction to our test organism, a small crustacean called Daphnia.  Above, instructor Maria Mahaney leads an observation process designed to access students' stored knowledge and combine it with direct observation to form hypothesis about what these organisms are like.

Student research teams each prepare one trout (in 500 ml jar) and get 10 daphnia (test tube) to feed their trout.  Discussion and hypothesis-building happens before the actual experiment.

Finally, our experiment happens.  It only take five minutes of intense observation, teamwork and careful recording of data.  Results of this test often raise more questions than they answer, but that's just fine.  Below are some results for several schools- each chart represents the combined results of 6-10 student teams.