Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Enfield Update

Hey All,

 We meant to write an update last week but most of us have been devastated by the loss of fish during break.  Everything in the tank was running properly and the water readings were great.  I came in the day before xmas eve to feed the fish only to find a major fish loss.  The filter stopped working which caused the ammonia levels to soar off the charts.  It took several days to get the ammonia levels down and get the filter operating.  We would gladly accept any other donations of fish from schools who might think they will have too many for the size of the tank 

We completed some sketching, colorization and trout identification in the U.S. with Mr.  Brooks and Mr. Andrews twice before break.  Currently, we have about 10 fish left.  They are well over an inch (we measured them through the glass during math).  Their spots are darker and more defined.  We have noticed that some of the fish still have a small bump on their stomach. 

Mr. Brooks' third grade class


jenwilkie said...

Hey John....sorry to hear re. your loss!...we are kind of in a similar spot...we have @ 20...all of our readings are just fine...we lost a bunch in a filter problem. If you hear of more than one classroom that has some that are willing to share, would you let us know? Thank you, Jen Wilkie

Bill said...

Jen- what's happening to your fish? I thought you had 34 or so? Are you finding/removing dead ones??

Jen Wilkie said...

Hi Bill, yep, we are checking daily for dead ones. We've found a few over the last days, one stuck inteh bigger filter, and some just down in the rocks, dead. Our current readings are pH 8.0, ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate .15. Jen

Brooks Class said...

Hey Jen,
I will let you know if I get wind of anything. Hopefully someone will be able to spare some. John