Monday, November 23, 2009

Greetings from Enfield 11/23/09

Hello out there to all those who are participating this year. This is our second year. We're very excited about it! Today, Bill and our Trout Unlimited volunteer, Rich, came out to our classroom, introduced themselves, and led us through our observations of the alevin. Everyone showed great enthusiasm, made observations, did some sketching and had some of their questions answered.

There have been some changes since our last "official" observation. We noticed the alevin are more active with swimming around and making smaller movements. Several have fled the basket and entered the tank. We can spot them pretty well although they do blend in with the gravel quite well. Other things that students noticed was shrinking of the egg sac around the belly, some fin growth and the spine and how big their eyes are.

Enfield Third Grade

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