Saturday, June 12, 2010


The 2009-2010 Trout in the Classroom program drew to a fine conclusion on Thursday (Jule 10) with the release of 26 healthy brown trout fry at Lower Buttermilk State Park. South Hill 4th Graders from Ms. Wilkie's, Ms. Lee's and Ms. Eckley's classes did a fantastic job, raising and learning about their trout during the year.

Along with their own trout, our South Hill students also agreed to release an additional eight brown trout, raised by 4th graders at Belle Sherman Elementary. Students in Mr. Millers class, along with helpers in Ms. Port's, Ms. Gainess and M.s Devers' classes also did an excellent job this year - and won the prize for most successful aquaponics experiment!

Special thanks goes out to Matt Herman at Belle Sherman; Regional Wildlife Biologist Tom Hughs and the Finger Lakes Regional State Parks naturalist crew; Michael Lenetsky and the restof the Trout Unlimit volunteers; and the parents to made this all possible. Check out this VIDEO FOOTAGE from BUTTERMILK FALLS, provided by parent Larry Clarkberg!

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