Friday, February 18, 2011

We grow 'em BIG at Caroline

Hello fellow trout enthusiasts! It's Miss Bong here at Caroline finally making an appearance on this blog! We have been enjoying watching our trout eggs hatch and grow from alevin into young fry. We must have nutrient-rich water up on this hill because we have had very few fatalities. Our survival rate is about 75%! The tank is becoming crowded at these fry range in length from the smallest estimated at 2cm to the largest measuring in at roughly 6cm! They are voracious eaters and love to surf the current. Our class also wrote some "Trout Tales" to share with readers in the future. Stay tuned!

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Antoine Pietri said...

Hi Miss Bong!
Glad to hear your trout project is a success! I bet the kids were excited when the ova hatched!
We're running a similar project here in the Orkney Islands in Scotland with the local strain of Brown Trout. Some ova hatched last week and there was a bit of a celebration. We have another batch to hatch shortly in another school.
Come and visit our blog when you have a spare minute!
Keep up the good work!