Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lansing High Brook Trout

A few days ago we were cleaning out the tank with a tube. It took us a little while to figure out how to use it but in the end we did. We had one part of the tube in the water and the other in a bucket, one person sucked on the end out of the bucket and the water started to come out, then the other person vacuumed the bottom of the tank with the other end of the tube. This was a very effective way to clean. While the one person had their arm in the tank trying to vacuum all of the algae up. One of the fish continuously head-butted the persons arm, which was very interesting. This was interesting because a few weeks ago when we put the daphnia in with them they all tried to stay away from them but now that they have grown they have no problem with a whole human arm. As a quick side note, it is a few days after we cleaned the tank and it is already dirty, which is quite amazing.

Here is some nice video- check out the parr marks!
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-Zack Smith


Bill F. said...

Do you think the stuff collecting in the tank is algae or something else? Soon, we'll put install and aquaponics setup on the tank and maybe that will take up extra nutrients and cut down on debris...

Bill F. said...

Hey Zack- looking back at the feeding video, it looks like there is probably more food than the trout will eat right away. Perhaps the junk in the tank is just degrading food... maybe cut down on feeding volume and see what happens.