Thursday, October 18, 2012

Brown Trout Eggs are In The House!

Trout Unlimited members Josh Filter and Michael Lenetsky made the trip to the Bath, NY State Hatchery to pick up 1000 eggs today!  From Enfield Elementary, we struck out and delivered eggs  to Belle Sherman, BJM, South Hill, Caroline, Fall Creek and Cayuga Heights in the Ithaca District, and Groton and Newfield Middle Schools, as well.

As of Friday, October 19, eggs are beginning to hatch!  Can you spot the newly hatched alevin in this photo from Mrs. Wilkie at South Hills Elementary?  (Click to enlarge.)

Stay tuned for hatching reports... and brook trout egg deliveries are anticipated for the end of October at Lansing, Dryden, Northeast Elementary and the Cayuga Nature Center!

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