Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Brown Trout In The House!

Eggs Hatching - Cayuga Heights Elementary. 
Brown Trout eggs were delivered from the NY DEC Hatchery in Bath, NY on October 15.  Our thanks to Ken Osika and the crew over there for all their help! 

Our eggs hatched quickly, and students at South Hill, Caroline, Enfield, BJM, Belle Sherman, Cayuga Heights & Fall Creek Elementary Schools in the Ithaca District, along with Newfield and Groton Middle Schools, and A.J. Smith Elementary in Union Springs, are using digital projectors and microscopes to observe the rapidly developing trout alevins

Trout Alevin at 1 week.  Yolk sack
and circulatory system visible.
Groton Middle School.
Brook trout eggs will be coming soon to Dryden Elementary, Lansing Middle and High School, Northeast Elementary in Ithaca, and to Cayuga Nature Center. 

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