Thursday, November 21, 2013

WOW! Three Projects Funded!

We have learned that three -count 'em, THREE- teacher grant proposals submitted to IPEI were funded this fall.  These are all independently conceived extensions of the basic Trout in the Classroom program, developed by our teachers.  Very proud of the fact that TIC is providing a foundation for cascading enrichment opportunitiesCongratulations!

Anna Chapman, Caroline Elementary:  "Brookies and Browns".   Students will raise both species and utilize their new stream-side classroom on 6-Mile Creek to look back into local history, exploring land-use and stream impacts, and also to look forward, exploring the potential impact of climate change on stream habitat.  Cayuga Nature Center is also a partner. 

Jen Wilkie, South Hill Elementary:  "Using Scientific Illustration to Learn about Trout, and Contribute to our Local Community”   Camille Doucet will work with students and staff to create trout illustrations, convert them to greeting cards and raise funds for a local charity.

Jayne Port, Belle Sherman Elementary:  "Six Mile Creek and Me".  Students will enjoy themed books from Buffalo Street Books, and create interpretive maps of Six Mile Creek with the help of "Pond and Stream Safari" author, Karen Edelstein. 

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