Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday November 7, 2008 An important question(s)

Today the tank looked like a frosted window.Can anyone tell us why and what to do? Today the temperature was 52.5 degrees.The pH level was 7.6 and the ammonia level was 0.75.The water was clear and at the correct level.The pump was working and there were no dead trout. We saw one baby stuck in the egg this morning. That was pretty cool. Avery, Bailey, Auburn, Devon

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Anonymous said...

When your tank gets frosted, that means that water vapor in the air is condensing into tiny drops of water on the cold glass. Its been pretty warm outside the past few days, and I bet your school has not had the heat on, so the humidity in your classroom (the amount of water vapor in the air) is pretty high. When your school's heat is turned back on, the air will become drying and I bet you won't see as much frosted glass. Keep track and we'll find out if theory is a good one!

Your ammonia level is going up, and that means your trout are prducing waste. You will need to test the nitrate, to see if the bacteria in the tank are starting to use that ammonia. Keep me posted!
Bill F.