Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Today Bill was in the give an introduction to the Groton students. Here are some images taken today of our brown trout. The top shows the alevin stage of development, which all of our trout are currently in. You can see the yolk sac, which is the the source of 100% of the fish's food supply right now for the next couple weeks. The bottom photo shows red blood cells traveling through capillaries, delivering oxygen and nutrients to all of the body cells.

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Bill F. said...

Hey Everyone-

It was nice to meet you all today! You provided some tough questions to explore, like the age-old ponder, "Do fish sleep?" and, "Which sex is more likely to survive?"

Another question was, "What will the mortality rate be?" We'll see, but combined results for our poll on how many trout fry will survive until spring are as follows:

Less than 15% - 15 votes
About 25% - 36 votes
About 50% - 26 votes
75% or more - 6 votes

Period #1 wins the optimist prize with most students voting 50% or more. Periods 5 and 8 were the big pessimists. Stay tuned for results from other schools!

Lastly, in several classes, we discussed the role of plants in recycling fish waste and we thought it might be a good idea to add them. This is pretty important, because we tested teh water, and the AMMONIA levels are starting to rise. I'll look into adding plants, BUT- here's a question. Are plants a big part of natural stream systems during the winter? What do you think?? If not, what happens to fish waste in streams all winter?

That's all for now, folks! -Bill