Thursday, November 13, 2008

Questions from Cayuga Heights

Here are some pretty good questions from Mrs. Rubin's 2nd grade class at Cayuga Heights school- anybody up for tackling some of these? The answers will require a little research!
1. How do alevins get out of the basket?
2. Will they lay eggs when they get older?
3. How do they feed off the yolk?
4. Would they ever eat each other?
5. Why do they change? (from stage to stage)
6. How can we tell if it's male or female?
7. Do they have different markings in winter and summer?
8. If so, how do they change colors?
9. How do they get out of the egg?
10. Do the alevins have teeth?
11. Do the eggs sink or float?
12. Does the female mate with many males or just one?

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Anonymous said...

From Lansing High:
1. Our Alevins seem to swim out of the basket when most of the yolk in the yolk sac has been eaten and their muscles are developed enough to swim. Right now they are settling into the gravel at the bottom of the tank.
2.The fish have a blood vessel that connects it to the yolk and brings back the food to the body of the fish when they need it.
3. The Brown Trout are mating (spawning) right now in Salmon Creek. The female fish dig out a depression in the gravel and release chemicals to attract male fish. The male fish compete with each other (they try to chase other males away) so they get to fertilize the eggs. When the female is ready she releases her eggs upstream from her gravel nest (redd) and the male releases sperm at the same time. If another male chases the first away and then releases his sperm then different eggs could have different fathers.