Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mr. Brooks' Class

Wednesday November 5,2008

Today the temputure on the chiller was 52 degrees and was 51.5 on the thermomiter.The p.h. level was 7.6.The water was clear and at the correct level.The pump and the bubbler were working good.There were no dead trout in the tank. We removed some eggs.

We are pretty excited because this is the second time I've had some type of pet in the classroom and the trout are much more exciting than mealworms- Devon

I am hoping to learn more about trout and how they live.- Auburn

I'm excited to see how big they grow.- Bailey and Avery

Brown Trout Group,

Bailey,Devon,Avery and Auburn.

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Anonymous said...

Hi guys!
Sounds like your trout are doing well! Have all the eggs hatched, and can you count the number of new trout ("Alevins")?

How many trout do students in your class think will survive until spring, when we release them into a creek?

I'm looking forward to visiting- Bill Foster